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Services: no after-sales service is the best service

"Long-Electric" All the company's products implement the "one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance, guaranteed, fast service" for real "customer satisfaction, customer-centric, the pursuit of excellence, faith in the people," the company adhering to the "after-sale service is not the end, but the beginning of the service "perfect service purposes.
1, the warranty period: Long-electrical product warranty period of one year, the implementation of "three guarantees service." Used in households receiving feedback information to ensure there is a clear answer and treatment advice. And within the time limits in the service: 200Km away from the service station within 24 hours to arrive; 400Km within 48 hours to arrive; remote areas five days to reach; such efforts can not be contacted by the customer, and the other negotiations. Absence of exceptional circumstances, the quality of user feedback received information, the date is no clear answer users or matters of opinion within the specified time services are not in place, be held accountable by us.

2, warranty period: supporting products of our company have been beyond the warranty period, after the failure, the user is free testing fees, time charge, the Division I only charge the appropriate materials.

3, Technical support: guaranteed to provide users with a good pre-sales, after-sales service for users in the purchase of our products before introduction product performance, technical parameters and requirements to provide information about selection, the selected optimal solution for the user a good staff.

4, the tracking service: according to user needs operational guidance, training, your company (your) for quality tracking, create a user visits the file in a timely manner according to the user needs to improve product performance, and continuously improve product quality and service quality.

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